Cucumber Water


Cumber water is my favourite thirst quencher in hot weather. Simply slice into any container except plastic, add water then cool for an hour before drinking. But this simple fruit has so much more to it!

Cooling, soothing, purifies the blood, cools the liver, is a diuretic.
Classically, the fruit and seeds of cucumber (trapusha) are used to treat vitiated pitta – any burning sensation in the body such as gastrtitis. It is also used in Ayurvedic formulations such as medicated ghee. (Cucumber is prepared and used in Ayurvedic treatments for certain health conditions and with different types of cucumbers not seen growing here).
Qualities of cucumber –
Rasa: (Taste) Madhura (sweet)
Guna: (Quality) Laghu (light)
Vipaka: (Post digestive) Madhura (sweet)
Virya: (Heating or cooling) Sheeta (cold)
In the wide variety of cucumbers available there are some that have tough skins making it harder to digest (peel ‘em!) and the seeds may be bitter.
For cooling juices cucumber is a great addition along with corriander and mint.
Used externally cucumber is great for the skin – cucumber has skin-tightening properties, vitamins – cucumber skin skin has vitamins A & C and is antioxidant and moisturising. Cucumber slices on closed eyes relieves burning sensations, redness and puffyness.
P.S. Always buy organic cucumber🥒