Ayurvedic Massage In Bath Testimonials

Testimonials for Blissful Ayurveda Massage

You are invited to leave comments on the Contacts page.  Many thanks to my clients for sending their experiences of the treatments they had.

“Marion is a wonderful warm and genuine therapist and her foot massages are incredible. For stress relief and general relaxation I cannot recommend her enough! Her knowledge of Ayurveda is also top-notch and she has recommended a range of herbs and other remedies to help with my various ailments.” Emma B, Bath

“My two friends and I had each had an Indian Head Massage with Marion. Thank you for making our day wonderful! We all feel you are a very special lady and you made our day extra special.” Emily P

“I had restricted wrist movement due to arthritis and booked some Ayurvedic hand massage sessions with Marion. The hand therapies were beneficial and emabled me to regain movement in my wrist.” Roger V, Bath.

“I had a full body Abhyanga massge. I’ve felt great since; relaxed and flowing. My body really appreciated the attention. Unusally for me when having a massage, my body trusted you Marion! I’ll see you again soon.” Liz M, Bath.

“After the Ayurvedic full-body masssage I went home feeling energized; and so immediately did my yoga practice, which I found easier than usual as I seemed more flexible and had less tension in my muscles etc. I felt like I had been spring-cleaned on the inside! For the next week I had some interesting dreams which gave me some new learnings. I have been telling people about you Marion! Thank you.” Stella, Frome.

“Marion’s facial massages are so relaxing, I could float away. And my skin feels so soft.” Liz, Bath.

“Wonderful Marma Abhyanga full body massage with Marion. Beautiful, relaxing and heartfelt…completely intuitive and graceful…swirling circle movements…bliss…fabulous. Highly recommended…very satisfied client.” Belinda JT, Surrey.

“I found Marion at Blissful Ayurveda by chance when looking to treat my daughter to a relaxing therapy on one of her few visits home. Having never experienced Ayurvedic therapy in the past, I was curious to try this for myself as well. Now, I have tried many of the therapeutic systems available in an effort to ease the aches and pains of stress and ageing. Some work better than others and it depends on what you are trying to achieve. One session with Marion was enough to ease my creaky knees and convinced me to look further into the Ayurvedic system. I would certainly recommend her to anyone. She is skilled, effective and thoughtful and we clicked immediately, which I believe is so
important with these kinds of treatments. I look forward to my sessions with her and hope you will too.” Rosemary S, Bath.

“What can I say other than Marion has healing hands! My back feels great and I feel so chilled after receiving the Ayurvedic back massages. I would recommend her to anyone”. x Norma B, Bath.

“I have had many massages and holistic treatments over the years, but Marion is by far the best therapist I’ve ever come across. Her treatments are not just physical, but emotionally supportive also. I always looks forward to our chats and the Ayurvedic treatments are the icing on the cake. Marion is understanding, non-judgemental and a grounding lady to be around. Marion looks at the root cause of any physical issues and gives practical advice as to how these issues can be improved. Marion’s treatments are incredibly relaxing – I often feel like I’ve left her having had 8 hours sleep! I love that any products used during treatments are completely natural and based on traditional Ayurvedic formulas – Marion’s knowledge of Ayurveda is inspiring – makes me want to learn more. I recommend Marion, especially for any back issues. Everyone needs a bit if Marion in their life! Emma x. Bath.

“I had the back massage. I had a tight shoulder due to regular exercise and lower back ache. Marion managed to restore more flexibility and a range of motion into my shoulder, ease my back and reduce my stress levels! She is knowledgeable, friendly, organised, punctual and very good at what she does. She was willing to discuss any problems and to answer any questions I had in a professional manner. I cant thank her enough for making my shoulder/back more flexible and will continue to recommend her and her work to friends and family. I cant praise her enough.” Lilly, Peasedown St John, near Bath.

“My sinuses were blocked solid giving me a headache for days. I had the nasal treatment (Nasya) and the effect was immediate – my head, sinuses and even my ears cleared! The clearing continued for a couple of days after the treatment and I recommend this for blocked sinuses and hayfever.” Di B, Bath.

“I have had a basti treatment on my upper back; neck and shoulders. I work at a desk all day and after the treatment my neck and shoulders felt freer. It is now over a week later and I have not had any aches from the shoulders at all. This is brilliant! Thank you Marion.” DB, Bath.

“For the last few months – following a personal recommendation I have been travelling from Sussex to Bath for a back and facial massage from Marion. Marion is both professional and caring and a very warm character. The massages are lovely, very relaxing and a real treat. I have arthritis in my neck and following a massage from Marion it is certainly less tense and more mobile. I would definitely recommend Marion. She will adapt the treatments for the individual – not the condition.” Jayne, West Sussex.

“I received the traditional Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment, and was not entirely sure what to expect.  My apprehension was completely groundless.  This is an incredible treatment which was both blissful and energising. I was so impressed I have chosen the full 7 Shirodhara treatments.  I would  highly recommend this practitioner.”  Dinah, Bath.

“The Ayurvedic Foot Massages I had were so relaxing that I fell asleep!  They really  relaxed  and rejuvenated me while I was undergoing chemo.  I will  resume massages when the next lot of cancer treatment has finished.”  Kate, Midsomer Norton.

“Marion’s massage is indeed blissful and healing on so many levels.  I had the Ayurvedic Foot Massage. I would recommend Marion without hesitation.”  Julie, Bath.

“Marion gave me Indian Head Massage – wow!  What a feeling of rejuvenation.  It really de-stressed me and made me feel good about myself again. She seems to have the ability to get right inside your head and sort it out……Can’t wait to try her other treatments.”  Jill, Tinhay.

“I had a wonderful Ayurvedic foot massage today – thank you Marion, I feel like a new man.” Kelvin, Bath.

“I had the Indian Head Massage. I didn’t know what to think at the start of it but as it went on I loved it! I asked for another straight away!” Sam, Cumbria.

“I had the Ayurvedic Foot Massage. I have had numerous problems with my feet for many years – some of my toes have been surgically fused together so I wasn’t sure if I would feel anything! It was highly relaxing and I will book Marion again. Thank you.” Chris, Midsomer Norton.

“Marion provides a reliably good service; professional and organised. The Indian Head Massage was very relaxing. I will certainly have another massage.” Alan, Bath.

“The Ayurvedic Facelift Massage was very relaxing. I have noticed great differences – my skin feels lovely. I will have one again. This is far better than a conventional face massage and more beneficial.” Chrissie, Bath.

“The Indian Head Massage I had with Marion felt so relaxing and also stimulating. Thank you.” Sam, Bath.

“I had the Ayurvedic Foot Massage and Indian Head Massage. I have had many massages, but nothing like the massages Marion gave me -I was overwhelmed at the effect they had on me. Sensitive, deeply relaxing, professional. Thank you Marion.” Gary, Bath.