Scorchio! Or maybe not! This summer seems to be a bit of a mystery so far! From a couple of weeks ago when we were wondering how to keep cool, to the last few days of a drop in temperature of 20 degrees and rain! For a small island our weather is so variable – is it any wonder we talk about it so much!

Summer is the time of Pitta. According to Ayurveda the summer heat can unbalance Pitta and also Vata. Pitta dominant people can become irritable; so for everyone it is best to stay cool but especially for those with dominant Pitta constitution.

The hot sun can drain energy from us and plants and animals. Low energy is common in the summertime so, if you can, take a short nap in the daytime.

Tips to stay cool in the heat:

Cooling drinks – slices of lime in coconut water or a squeeze of lime in water, aloe juice and mint or fennel tea. Avoid ice in drinks at any time of year.

Have a cool beer if you like an alcoholic beverage but avoid red wine, whisky, brandy, and rum as they are heating.

There are plentiful supplies of sweet and cooling fruits available now such as pears, melons and apples.

Eat fresh salads.

Spritz rose water on your face – very cooling and great for the complexion.

Abhyanga massage.


Coconut oil on the soles of the feet and head is very cooling. Great to do before going to bed to help you sleep.

Keep to a minimum excessive exercises.

If you eat meat avoid red meat which is heating and eat white meat instead like chicken, turkey

Take a moon bath….a stroll in the moonlight is wonderfully cooling.

Stay out of the hot summer sun if you can but don’t avoid going out! Being outside in Nature – at the beach, woods or in the garden – is good for your health and wellbeing; and if you are really hot and see a cooling lake….have a dip!

Some colours can aggravate Pitta in the summer. Avoid wearing black in hot weather (it retains the heat) red and orange. Wear lots of white, blue, green, grey, and purple.

Wearing silver jewellery will help cool Pitta.

Be aware of the changes in Nature – sometimes all the seasons in one day! Ayurveda is a Science of Nature. Eat, dress and live each day accordingly and you will enjoy good health and look and feel fabulous!


References Dr Lad.