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Face and Head Treatments

    • Indian head Massage –  £30 (30 minutes)

relaxing, promotes hair growth, rejuvenating.  Can be given without using oil.

    • Mukhabhyanga (Traditional Ayurvedic Facelift Massage) – £32 (30 minutes)

highly effective method of achieving both healthy and younger looking skin.

    • Shirodhara.  –  £60 (1 hour)

A stream of warm oil is poured onto the 3rd eye chakra and marma points -rejuvenating, calming, hormone balancing, soothing to the nervous system, stress relieving, good for headaches, insomnia.

    • Shiroabhyanga (Ayurvedic Head Massage) –  £32 (30 minutes)

oils are used for this massage.  Nourishes the hair and roots.  Deeply relaxing, revitalising.

Body Treatments

    • Pada Abhyanga (Foot Massage) – £45 (45 minutes)

revitalising for tired legs and feet, harmonises and relaxes the entire body.

    • Hasta Abhyanga (Hand Massage) – £45 (45 minutes)

harmonises and relaxes the entire body.  A grounding massage.

    • Abhyanga Full Body Massage – £55 (1hour) ladies only for now.

stress relieving, rejuvenating, immunity boosting, reduces joint pain and increases flexibility.

    • Marma Abhyanga Massage – £80 (1 hour 30mins)

energy point massage that is energising, revitalising, improves sleep, balancing to the body and mind.

    • Pristha Abhyanga (Back Massage)£45 (45 minutes) / £30 (30 minutes)

good for sciatica, relieves aching back, shoulders and neck, good for headaches and migraines.

    • Nabhi Abhyanga (abdominal massage) –  £45 (45 minutes)

good for IBS, weight loss, CFS

    • Pinda Sveda (herbal bolus massage) –  £70 (1 hour)

good for Vata imbalance, CFS, Parkinson’s, Motor Neurone Disease, stiffness of joints.

    • Pinda Sveda  –  £40 (30 minutes) for the back only.
    • Kati Basti (lower back treatment) – £60 (1 hour)

good for sciatica and all lower back pain.

    • Greeva Basti –  £60 (1 hour)

good for acute and chronic neck pain and tension and for upper back aches and pains.

    • Hridaya Basti £60 (1 hour)

good for emotional changes, stress, anxiety, helps with high blood pressure and heart conditions.

    • Udvartana –  £60 (1 hour)

herbal scrub massage treatment.  This full body massage leaves the skin beautifully soft.

    • Ayurvedic Pregnancy Massage –  £65 (1 hour)

good for helping to prepare for labour, soothing and nurturing.

Treatments for the Senses

    • Karana Purana (oil therapy for the ears) – £45 (45 minutes)

good for deafness, excess ear wax, tinnitus.  Cleanses and nourishes the ears.

    • Akshitarpana (treatment for the eyes) £55 (1 hour)

relieves tired, watery eyes, nourishing for the eyes, calms the mind. –

    • Nasya Treatment (nasal administration of oils) – £45 (45 minutes)

good for sinusitis, hay fever, headaches, migraines.

Packages can be arranged for any treatments and massages; please telephone for details: 07854 767433 or email:

Yoga one-to one or small groups – To bring you back into balance of body, mind and spirit. Everybody got a body – any age, any size, flexible or not, Yoga is for you. Please contact for details.  On hold for now – details to follow.

Intuitive Tarot To help guide you and give you insights and fresh perspectives. The ancient Tarot can reveal those hidden obstructions that are holding you back and help you to navigate the way forward.  Readings are available for 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Please contact to book.

Vouchers are available for Consultations, Treatments, Massages & Tarot Readings