Head Massage

Indian Head Massage was the first massage I learned many years ago and it is still up there as one of the most requested massages. I think most people have at least heard of it or maybe have a friend that has tried it and so it has slipped into mainstream massage territory. Part of its popular appeal is that it can be done fully clothed and without using oils; a real plus if you are sat at your office desk with a meeting straight after the massage!

Indian Head Massage combines Western massage moves and a little Eastern wisdom to give a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating massage. It leaves you feeling calm and stress-free and benefits the whole body as a truly holistic massage.

It’s the favoured massage with groups of friends, ladies out shopping for the day or celebrating birthdays or an event as well as Mums and Grandmas; often given as special gift. Also, those with aching necks and shoulders and just wanting to feel relaxed and pain-free.

I have found that Indian Head Massage tempts people to try Ayurvedic head massages; Shiro Abhyanga, which does use warm oils, different massage strokes and concentrates more on the marma points. Or Shirodhara; the Ayurvedic treatment of blissful warm oil flow over the forehead, known as the King of Ayurvedic treatments, brings changes to the whole body and mind and balances vata, pitta and kapha. Also, the wonderful Ayurvedic face massage; the natural alternative to a facelift!

The head area is an important area in Ayurvedic treatments. Of the 108 marma points of the body, 37 are in the head, face and neck area; as are the higher chakras. It is this area that food first enters the body to begin the digestive process, where Prana, the life force, enters, where sound as mantra manifests, where the eyes and the fire of Tejas dwells, where perfumes and aromas first beguile us, where we taste life in all its sweetness (and sometimes the other five tastes of Ayurveda – salty, sour, astringent, bitter and spiciness too!).

So, massaging the head area is so much more than just stimulating the scalp to improve hair growth and condition (this is does fantastically!) but is also the doorway to helping many health conditions including stress, anxiety, insomnia, allergies, sinuses, headaches, shoulder and neck aches and pains.

As we come to the end of summer hair is often dry and sun-damaged. Over-exposure to salty sea-water or chlorine will also make the hair brittle. Indian Head Massage and Ayurvedic treatment massages for the head will restore those luscious locks.

The face may also have been exposed to ageing, drying heat and an Ayurvedic face massage will put the youthful bloom back in your cheeks and give you smooth, soft skin.

Combining head massages with Ayurvedic tips for foods and herbs that especially benefit the hair, you will see and feel the improvement not only to the hair but to general health too.