PINDA SVEDA: this classical treatment includes oils and an herbal poultice applied to the body.  Pinda Sveda is revitalising, energising, stress relieving and eases aching joints.

PRISTHA ABHYANGA: this massage is very good for back aches and pains, knots in the shoulders, stress relief.

FULL BODY ABHYANGA: this wonderful Traditional Ayurvedic massage is very good for reducing joint pain and increasing flexibility.  It improves immunity and is good for the nervous system and anxiety. It helps eliminate toxins and water retention. It helps to improve sleep and balance all the doshas. 

NABHI ABHYANGA: this massage is very good for toning the abdomen, weight loss and water retention in the abdomen area.  Very good for postnatal mums as it helps to strengthen the abdominal area and prevent weight gain in this area.  It can also help with IBS, constipation.

UDVARTANA: traditionally used as a bridal preparation, this massage combines oils with special spices and is used as a natural, cleansing body scrub. The results are amazingly soft, glowing, cleansed and nourished skin.  This massage will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered.  It is also helpful for eczema.

AYURVEDIC PREGNANCY MASSAGE: a soothing and nurturing massage that supports the mum-to-be during her pregnancy and postnatal; includes advice on foods and herbs for all stages of pregnancy and postnatal too.