The turning of the year is a good time to take the opportunity to look back and reflect – the highs and lows, the challenges and the bright sparks.

As the earth sleeps in the dark of the year a new cycle is beginning and already the light is returning slowly after the Winter Solstice […]

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It’s All in the Head!

Indian Head Massage was the first massage I learned many years ago and it is still up there as one of the most requested massages. I think most people have at least heard of it or maybe have a friend that has tried it and so it has slipped into mainstream massage territory. Part […]

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It’s been a while, if you have noticed; or maybe not if you haven’t!

I have been meaning to write what’s been going on in my world but something always seemed to get in the way…and it’s something wonderful that got in the way…Yoga! Yoga was my first love before Ayurveda. (It brought me, many […]

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According to Ayurveda we should “never put on the skin what cannot be put on the tongue or in the mouth”. I pondered this when I first heard it. A quick glance around the bathroom and there were all kinds of products that would have been better served cleaning the loo than the face, […]

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Ayurveda Autumn 2017


Autumn is surely one of the prettiest times of the year; all the leaves on the trees turning crimson, gold and purple and the morning mists hanging over the rivers. I’m looking forward to kicking up the mountains of leaves later when they’ve left the branches! Yes, I know that’s what kids […]

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During winter the elements, central heating at home and in the office and “hat hair” can all play havoc with the hair leading to dry, lacklustre hair, dryness of the scalp and just way too many bad hair days!
Excess dryness (vata) and excess heat (pitta) in the body are factors for hair loss.
Time to […]

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Winter is a combination of Vata (dry, cold, windy) and Kapha (cold, damp, heavy). It is best to pacify Kapha during winter season with warming herbal teas such as ginger, cinnamon and any warming spices and to eat hearty, spicy soups.
Losing weight at this time of year is quite often a top priority after […]

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Summer 2016


The lazy days of summer are (almost) here. Thoughts turn to picnics and holidays and walks in the country and the beaches. Summer is the height of pitta season. With that in mind here are some lovely cooling ideas for what to drink:

SUMMER COOLERS: coconut water, cool water, aloe vera juice, lime juice in […]

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March 2016

After what seems like endless grey skies at last the sun is shining and the earth is beginning to show signs of new life; green shoots are making their way towards the strengthening sun, days are drawing out and the promise of things to come is in the air. Spring begins on the 20th […]

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January 2016

Season’s Greetings

I thought I would be writing about cold and frosty days and nights, but it is not so here in the UK! We are experiencing one of the warmest winters on record with only parts of Scotland seeing any snowfall so far. What we have got is storms of such magnitude, causing much […]

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