From the Spring Equinox the Sun has reigned on high and all of Nature has grown skywards. The Autumn Equinox now balances the scales and as the light declines all must go downwards into the earth; where the mysteries of death and rebirth take place. Seeds that are dispersed by the winds will appear reborn in the Spring as next year’s growth. Leaves turn from green to show their autumnal colours in the soft Autumn light. We reap what we have sown at harvest time and it is good to give thanks and acknowledge the gifts we have received from Nature.

For me, I have had a bumper crop of tomatoes… but the slugs beat me to the courgettes!

Now we are moving from pitta-summer into vata-autumn. At the transitions of the year –particularly Spring and Autumn, Ayurveda advises a seasonal cleanse to rid the body of toxins, boost the immune system and de-stress. One of the best ways to do this is with an Abhyanga massage.

ABHYANGA AUTUMN OFFER! And so, for Autumn I am offering Abhyanga massage at 10% discount. I would love for you to experience the wonderful benefits of this massage – if you book a course of 4 massages the discount will be 15%!

 “Autumn in India is a hot season that is aggravating to pitta dosha. However, in most temperature areas, it has the qualities of dry, light, cool, rough and windy, which all provoke vata dosha. So naturally the Autumn regimen in these climates focuses on pacifying vata.

Some of my favourite Autumn regimen tips are:

  • Eat a vata pacifying diet
  • Drink warm herbal teas, such as ginger and cardamom tea
  • Eat primarily sweet, sour and salty foods
  • Eat warm, soothing, and easily digestible meals”

 Source: Dr Vasant Lad, MASc

            This is not medical advice – please consult with your GP before changing your diet.

Ayurveda is for daily living; in the foods you choose to eat and the colours you wear. Being aware of the seasons, the day, how your body is feeling. It’s about balance in health of the body and mind. Ayurveda can be followed by anyone of whatever age; and the benefits will be seen and felt. Simply by starting each day with a drink of hot water is a simple step in the right direction! (Add a drop of lemon or lime juice if you wish).

There have been some beautiful Autumn days here in the Southwest – warm, sunny, blue skies and the colours of the trees are just stunning. I hope you enjoy this Autumn and get out in the fresh air of the countryside whenever you can – watch out for the Corn Goddess….and the Morris Men! Namaste.

The day becomes more solemn and serene

When noon is past – there is harmony

In autumn, and lustre in its sky,

Which through the summer is not heard or seen,

As if it could not be, as if it had not been!

 Percy Bysshe Shelley 1816