Autumn is surely one of the prettiest times of the year; all the leaves on the trees turning crimson, gold and purple and the morning mists hanging over the rivers. I’m looking forward to kicking up the mountains of leaves later when they’ve left the branches! Yes, I know that’s what kids do, but hey, I still enjoy it!
I  hear we are in for a bumper crop of conkers this year, according to the man known as “King Conker”, due to the mostly rainy summer. If you’re a keen conker player, the World Conker Championships are being held on October 11 in Ashton, Northants. I use conkers to keep spiders from coming inside the home; I don’t mind the odd one or two but at this time of year they come in en masse! I admire their ingenuity for getting indoors; they wait by the side of the outside door and then, when the door opens, the draught launches them in on a spider-silk thread! No, I don’t throw conkers at them! Just place conkers near doors and windows and for some reason that works at keeping spiders outside; except for the thread-swingers who bypass the conkers!
But I digress! I was going to share with you some Ayurvedic tips for good health in autumn….The Air element is dominant in autumn; bringing coolness, dryness, movement and a light quality. At this time of year conditions such as dry skin, stiffness of the joints, constipation and arthritis can manifest if vata is aggravated or increased.
The simplest way to pacify vata is by eating at regular times (irrespective of body type). Drink lots of herbal teas throughout the day such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and warm liquid foods like soups to stop the body getting dry. Avoid dry and cold foods and spicy, bitter and astringent foods. Eating more rice will also have a calming effect for vata. Oil massages will really help to keep vata nurtured, nourished and balanced.

As part of a seasonal cleanse and to boost the immune system and de-stress, a full body Abhyanga massage is just the thing. Benefits include:

• immune system boosting
• increased flexibility
• nourishing to the body and mind
• anti-aging
• reduced joint pain
• weight loss

AUTUMN OFFER! I would love for you to experience the wonderful benefits of Abhyanga full body massage. And so, for Autumn 2017, I am offering Abhyanga massage at 10% discount. Book a course of 4 massages and get 15% discount!

What a whirl the planets have given us! Much was written about September 23rd 2017. One piece that caught my attention referred to Revelation 12 “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars” The woman was pregnant and gave birth. This corresponded to Jupiter retrograding into Virgo (into the Virgin) and then emerging again; being reborn. And the 12 stars were in the sky!
There has been intense experiences (intensity around the world as well as on the personal level) reflected by the intense aspects of the planets!
Mercury and Mars both in opposition to Neptune can be a time of crisis in all areas of life! But, in these dark places, pay attention to your inner wisdom. Surrender; that thing we do when we feel there is no place left to turn. Know that the Universe is there for us.
Venus and Mars are now travelling through Virgo and both are opposing Neptune. Venus in Virgo portends the end of illusion! The time of truths being revealed! Uranus will bring revelations, often in a flash; in relationships, business, and our inner world. These truths may feel alarming; stay grounded in Nature and the natural world. Go kick up some autumn leaves!

This is not medical advice – please consult with your GP / health professional if you have a serious health concern or considering taking herbs if you are pregnant.  Or, consult an Ayurvedic doctor / professional.