Ta Da!  Autumn has arrived!  And with a roar of windy weather and heavy downpours!  It seems only a few days since we were basking in the warmth of the Indian Summer of 2014.  Put away the salad spinner!  It is time to eat warm and heavier foods to build up immunity to flu, chills and colds.  As the Seasons change so must we make changes to out diet and daily routines to maintain optimum health.  So without, so within, so they say.

The attributes of vata dosha are: dry, light, cold, rough, mobile.  Autumn reflects these attributes and increases vata in the body; affecting those with predominantly Vata constitution more than others; sensitivity to the cold and windy weather.  (Those with predominantly kapha constitutions will be more susceptible to colds and bronchial problems).

As a guide, here are some general characteristics for each dosha constitution:




Vata predominant people are generally either very short or very tall and are usually thin and bony.  They are very active physically as well as mentally and talk fast.  Their skin tends to be thin, dry and cold and they are sensitive to windy, dry weather.  Their appetite and thirst is irregular.  They don’t need a lot of sleep and what they have can be disturbed.  They are friendly and often creative.



Pita predominant people are of medium build.  Their skin of medium thickness and is warm, rosy and soft.  They are prone to rashes and skin eruptions due to excess build-up of heat.  They have a strong appetite and thirst.  They are sensitive to the sun and heat in general.  Their sleep is moderate.  They are ambitious, focused, confident and fiery.



 Kapha predominant people have a heavy, broad build.  Their skin is usually oily, soft and cool and may be prone to blocked pores – their pores are large.  Their appetite and thirst is regular.  They are sensitive to wet, cold weather.  Their sleep is deep and prolonged.  They have slow metabolism.  They are not impulsive by nature.  They are often caring, patient, truthful, calm and satisfied with life.

If all three doshas are predominant it is called Tridoshic and the characteristics of all the doshas will be displayed.

We are each and every one of us a blend of the three doshas in varying degrees.

When the doshas are out of balance we tend to feel out of sorts and can become ill.  Ayurveda’s aims are to maintain balance of the doshas through healthy lifestyle and therefore balance health.

3 Tips for Autumn Good Health


1.     Try starting the day with ginger and lemon tea to fire up the body’s system.

2.    Keep warm inside and out – eat warming, nourishing foods like veggie soups and wrap up when going out for walks and exercise.

3.    And when the weather is dull bring the sun into your day!  Visualise a glowing sun or golden ball.  Stay with this image for a few minutes each day and you will notice a lifting of your mood and an improvement in your eyesight!





Happy Autumn.  Namaste.